Music Lessons

We offer music tuition for children and adults of all levels and ages.

Drama and Acting

Drama is a magical tool for confidence building, communication skills, social skills and

Preschool Classes

Music is very beneficial in the lives of small children and sets them up for success in

Music Camp

Activities include band jamming, performing, ear training, music appreciation.

Recording and Equipment Rental

We offer a full range of musical instruments, music supplies and sound equipment for

Music Shop and Repair

Visit our music shop, The Music Box, where professional and budding performers can find all

Upcoming Events

Taking part in any of our events means you’ll be a part of something special

Disney's ALADDIN JR The Musical

Tickets soon be available for purchase Call 9383838 to reserve

2:00 pm and 5:00 pm

Apr 6th


Violin ensemble, rock band, ukulele club, DJ club, music theory and flute ensemble are offered for free, email here




60 students will be participating in international music examinations

January '19, CMS